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The content in the Advanced Money-Getting Modules is NOT only about Craigslist: 

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So What All's Inside?

You'll learn all kinds of strategies that work online and what you can start promoting to begin making money as soon as possible!

The Advanced Money-Getting Modules are additional modules that you can unlock inside the  Members Area  that have even more ways for you to make money online.


Inside the Advanced Money-Getting Modules  you will find more info such as:

  • Specific niches to promote,
  • Offers
  • and Even different methods and techniques that just flat-out WORK.



You will learn More of what works on Craigslist and other places and What   you can start promoting now to  Start Making Money As Soon As Possible!


Including: (But Not Limited To)

  • A CPA + YouTube Module
  • An Easy Offline Method Module
  • 10 Ways to Make More Money Online
  • Copywriting Tips
  • A Crazy 'Clicking Cash' Method
  • An Easy Cash Brokering Method
  • HOT Niches for CPA & Affiliate Marketing
  • Some Of The HOTTEST Niches for Arbitrage Underdog
  • And more…

So I Started Thinking......

How Much Should I Charge For All This Stuff ?

I’ve thought long and hard about how much access to something this powerful would be worth… 

  • $199?
  • $299?
  • $399?

"Any one of the strategies inside the Advanced Money-Getting Modules could be worth HUGE $$$$$ to the right person with the right motivation"

"Knowledge is power, and power is priceless. "

However, I want every Craigslist Smasher  to have the opportunity to upgrade and get full access to these advanced money-getting modules.

  • $499??

(Actually,  I think it should be worth even more than that!)

  Let’s stop and think about this for a moment...


Let’s take a quick re- cap of what you are getting here today.


Access to these Advanced Money-Getting Modules  will give you the 'Inside Track' to literally Kill It  using methods such as:


  • The CPA + YouTube Module
  • The Easy Offline Method Module
  • 10 Ways to Make More Money Online
  • Great Copywriting Tips
  • That 'Crazy Clicking' Cash Method
  • The Easy Brokering Cash Method
  • HOT Niches for CPA & Affiliate Marketing
  • The HOTTEST Niches for Arbitrage Underdog
  • And Even more…?

Each and Every One of those strategies can bring in more $$$, leads and customers if you just give it a

Good, Honest Effort


So Let’s Talk About Your Investment Here

How much would all that really be worth?

Here’s the Deal:

 If you act right nowas in today  ...you can get instant access to

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Why Just $37.00 For This Life Changing Info?

Like I said earlier--I WANT you to have the chance  to get your hands on these Advanced Money-Getting Modules today.

Start making the money you deserve.  The money you have always wanted to make.

You will make more money, I will expand my customer base and together we'll move forward on that path to success, closer to where we want to be.

You may be asking:

"Are There Any Guarantees?"


Yes!  Of Course!!

Have you ever heard of my Famous

365-Day Money-Back Guarantee?


Just like it says.

If you can't make this program work for you for some unknown reason,  just let me know.

I will  give you your money back    No Problem.


But do me a favor--

Please-- at least TRY. 

Please do Not let this program become just another causality of


(Shiny Object Syndrome)

Don’t Let This Amazing Opportunity Slip Away

This is the Advanced Modules of The Fiverr Blueprint: 

Fiverr Brokering Secrets

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To your Success,


Blue Goat Publishing

P.S.  My entire program is guaranteed.

You have one FULL YEAR.   If it’s not EVERYTHING I claim it is (and much, much more), you can return the course… get ALL your money back…

I can’t be any fairer than that.  

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